Winter Holiday Prices to Drop by 25%

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If you see this headline floating around don’t believe it.

Hayes & Jarvis, the long haul specialist tour operator have come out with the thought that prices to popular destinations could be that cheap over the winter. They aren’t talking about ski resorts, just long haul sun destinations like Thailand, the Far East and the Caribbean.
For a start, the government is substantially increasing the passenger duty as from November especially for long haul trips so someone has to pay for that. Are the tour operators going to shoulder that cost? Will the governments of destinations like Thailand (who have greatly supported the tourism industry unlike other countries we could mention Mrs Hodge) continue the same degree of support now the world is emerging from the recession?

If you are going away for winter there will be bargains if you can book somewhere with lots of capacity and few bookings to date or go somewhere at the drop of hat. But where those bargains will be is a little hard to say at the moment.

So it could be that Hayes & Jarvis just want you to book as soon as possible so they can get their hands on your cash.

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