Christmas is Coming…

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Christmas is Coming,
The Fares are Getting Fat;
Do drop a Hundred in the Train Man’s Hat

That’s not quite how the Christmas rhyme goes but I was reminded of it when the first of the train companies’ e-mails arrived today saying that I could now book for Christmas.
Apart from the fact that I don’t really want to be reminded that Christmas is only 12 weeks away (I’d prefer it to be hundreds of weeks away!), I’m not a planner. I do things because I want to do them when I want to do them. It is only because if I don’t book my Christmas travel and get the best prices that I shall end up driving instead. I may not want to go away. But I object to having to make the decision now so I can get the best fares. Anybody who has decided that it would be nice to see in the new year in Scotland knows how expensive travel can be if you only decide a couple of days before. And the trains close down for some time over Christmas or engineering works sends you to Inverness by way of Machynlleth or something like that. And then the engineering doesn’t finish on time so you try and get back earlier to allow for it so you can turn up for work in the new year an d then you can look forward to… the January train fare increases

So what will I do?

Probably what I always do.Not book now and, if I go anywhere, drive at some strange time to avoid traffic on the roads

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