Proving Who You are to Ryanair

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Up until October 1st, if you flew Ryanair any old photo ID would do if you were flying just within the UK.. Now they will only accept a passport. Ryanair say this is “to simplify our identification policy to avoid passenger confusion.” Well you have to say that this sentence doesn’t help matters either. Who was confused beforehand? Nobody. Photo ID was anything that had your photograph on full stop.

So why the change? Security? After all, the North Americans have tightened up on what ID you can use for travelling between the US, Canada and Mexico. But Ryanair doesn’t have a presence in North America. What is there about a student pass, a driving licence or a senior citizens card that they don’t like? And if you are going to fly on Ryanair and don’t have a passport are you really going to go out and spend over £80 just for the enjoyment of flying with them?

Ryanair might well have shot themselves in the foot here. Not all of us who fly have passports. Those who fly to see relatives living far away will think twice about using Ryanair especially since not every airline imposes this idea. Flybe accepts student cards and council issued bus passes

Maybe they’d like to rethink this?

Silly question, we are talking about Ryanair here.

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