Lose Yourself in Melbourne

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Being brought up in Sydney , Australia means that I have some antipathy towards Melbourne. But even then, the current advertising slogan being used to attract people to Melbourne seems pretty uninspired if not downright daft.

The slogan begins with “Lose Yourself in…” and then they add Melbourne or Melbourne’s fashion Districts and then add a line drawing that it is straight out of the nineteen fifties. Now a lot of Sydneysiders would say that Melbourne is backward compared to Sydney but Melbourne isn’t doing a lot to help itself. As for losing yourself, any visitor will tell you that you that that is something no one wants to do so suggesting that it is easy to do in Melbourne isn’t a lot of help. Some people who don’t know that Melbourne has a lot to attract the visitor might just think that they’ll skip it and go somewhere else.

But even Victoria, the state in which Melbourne is doesn’t help itself either. Its logo is a jigsaw puzzle of a map of the state. Doesn’t that suggest getting around in Victoria requires some skill. What’s the matter with just saying something like Victoria, “Small in Size; Big in Appeal “ and as for Melbourne, how about Melbourne; the Other Great Australian City”

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