World Tourism Day

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Once a year there is a day which, worldwide, is World Tourism Day. This year, Sunday, 27th November.

Did you know that?

No and I bet a large number of people in the travel industry didn’t know either. It is also the 30th anniversary of the very first world tourism day and I bet even fewer people knew that. I see no press releases from Margaret Hodge, who has returned to her job as tourism minister, or her department

Why should you? What does it matter?

And the answer to both questions seems to be that it to most people, including the travel industry, it seems not to matter at all so why do I mention it?

I mention it because you, the holidaymaker, the traveller and the staycationer have become enormously important to the world economy. Tourism is so important to each country’s economic growth that you would have thought any opportunity for us to be invited to visit, travel and see would be jumped on by tourism bodies who, combined, have vast sums of money to attract us. But no, it seems lost in tight knit circles of professionals. Growth in tourism means economic generation just like you spending more money in shops means healthier high streets. That’s why you are important. That’s why you mean so much to tourist bodies anywhere in the world.

It seems they just forgot to tell you.

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