German Castles Do Well in the Slump

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A couple of months ago, I mentioned that castles and historic houses in many parts of the UK were getting high visitor numbers because people were staying at home rather than holidaying abroad.

In Germany it is the same. according to Der Spiegel. Visitor numbers are up there as well as Germans also holidayed at home in greater numbers this year.

Germany like almost everywhere else has suffered from the economic downturn, but for German castles and heritage sites, Germany is spending a whopping 320 million euros on repairing and maintaining them.


Because, Der Spiegel says, it boosts the construction sector as well and they say it is like a fairytale come true for Germany’s romantic castles..

Burg Eltz castle, a real picture postcard castle, is receiving 2 million euros to re-tile the roofs and stabilise a tower. Marksburg castle gets 700,000 euros for roof repairs and access road improvements.

Germany pioneered the cash for old cars that led to an increase in the sales of new cars. The UK followed. Both have been successful. Is it to much to hope that our tourism minister, Barbara Follett, will follow this lead and prise money from our government to help both the construction and the heritage sector.? If she does, maybe some can go to the neglected Caldicot Castle in South Wales which seems to have been starved of necessary funds from Monmouthshire County Council and stands a chance of collapse in some places.

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