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Tourism is also economic generation or even regeneration.

Let me explain. Investing in something that brings tourists to a destination means that money flows into the local economy. It also provides jobs or prevents jobs being lost. Persuading some manufacturer to base a factory in your area can cost more in development grants and subsidies than it may cost to develop a camp site or an attraction. So, more and more, places look to tourism as a way or killing two birds with one stone.

Anglesey has had a number of job losses recently so a grant of 5.6 million pounds to “enhance” (whatever that really means) it’s coastline has two purposes. The first is to support local coastal businesses and the second is to encourage you and I to visit Anglesey.
But lots of communities do this. In order to keep us coming back or going if we have never been to Angesey we need something different, better or an appeal of almost guaranteed good weather. Well the latter isn’t going to happen on Anglesey so better or new it has to be. Just giving a few coastal paths and some better signage isn’t going to attract long term tourism. Think back to some of the recent successes. The Eden Project, the London Eye and the wildlife parks like Longleat were all developed from nothing and actually could be based anywhere. The Jorvik Experience traded on York’s past as has the Big Pit at Blaenavon in the Welsh valleys.

So I hope that whatever is planned as part of this economic regeneration is as striking and imaginative as some of these other projects. Otherwise any tourism visits may only be a short lived boost.

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