The Mystery of the Disappearing Cheese.

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This isn’t quite in the league of Hercule Poirot or Miss Marple but at least I can say this really happened.

At the moment I am in Australia and just back from 4 days in the southernmost state of Tasmania. (more in the Destinations section of Cd-Traveller shortly). We’d been down to a cheese making farm and decided to bring three different cheeses back to Sydney for the family to try. To keep it cool we had put the cheese in the hotel room fridge (yes I know you shouldn’t use fridges but we all do) along with some bottled water we had bought and some chocolate. We were checking out that day, packed the cases but left the fridge contents so that they kept cool as long as possible. Returning to properly check out, we found the cheese gone. The water was still there. The chocolate was still there. Not the cheese!

At reception they couldn’t explain why just the cheese had disappeared. After all cheese is expensive but surely there aren’t cheese robbers around. It isn’t as though there is a shortage of the stuff. After about fifteen minutes the hotel had tracked down the missing cheese and returned it to us. But with no explanation just apologies.

So what happened?

Had the hotel staff decided to get their own back on us for all those  guests who had taken soap and shampoo bottles over the years? Is cheese now more of an appeal than chocolate?  Had we picked cheeses that were as rare and fine as black truffles?

We’ll never know since we had no explanation. But I warn all you cheese lovers. Protect your cheese. Buy a cool bag and place them in the room safe

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