Airline Passenger Etiquette

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I had a long flight from London to Bangkok last week and, as usual, on long flights people tried to sleep some of the way. So the person in front of me reclined her seat as far as possible so that the video screen in the back of the seat was only a few inches from my face. I reclined mine as well. Immediately from the seat behind came an objection claiming that my seat was hitting her knees. And the seat was, because she was a tall lady who had had to hunch her knees up in order to get into the seat. The lady in the seat in front of me was quite large so the seat came even closer to me every time she moved.

And there I in between. What to do.

The lady in front had every right to recline her seat. The lady behind had every right to object to being hit in the knees. The cabin crew member sympathised but with a look that said this sort of thing happens all the time.

So what do you do? Accept it? Moan to cabin crew to make the lady in front recline her seat a little less? Suggest the lady behind finds a seat next to the exit so that she has more leg room? Do what you want to do anyway and give two fingers to everyone else?

Airlines aren’t going to introduce greater seat pitch so that this sort of thing doesn’t happen. Unreasonable people will still do whatever pleases them. And cabin crew will still be reluctant to act in all but the most extreme cases.

It would be nice if people would be a bit more thoughtful but can you see that happening?
No. I think i was just unlucky and I’ll hope that it doesn’t happen on the next flight as well.

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