Hotel Basins

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You can tell I have been staying in hotels quite a bit again. Things are beginning to annoy me.

Take hotel basins or sinks. They feature all sorts of fancy taps and places to put the soap. Some are more pieces of art than the old conventional type of sink being almost to pretty to use. You just stare and admire them.

But what has happened to the tap fittings? They seem to be placed directly above the plug hole so the water runs straight through. Why?

Strange to say but when you use a sink your hands are bigger than the hole. So  the splashes you make are left on the sink. You then have to cup your hands and splash the water around the basin to clean it up. Now in basins where the taps are set away from the plug hole it is easier for the water to wash those splashes away.

So what has prompted this new choice of basin design? Are hotels trying to avoid the water leaving a discolouring from where the water hits until it reaches the plug hole? Are they not concerned by guests leaving unintentional dirty sinks and thus, extra work for chambermaids? Is there no alternative basin design for them these days? Or is that I am the only sad person around who has pondered on the flow of water from tap to plug hole?

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