Autumn in the Borders

By | Category: Travel rumblings

Autumn is on its way; the leaves will be turning colour soon and then dropping. Apart from Scotland where the leaves may not drop because they’re plastic.

Visit Scotland is spending 1.4 million pounds to encourage us to visit them this Autumn and to do so, have come up with pictures of a girl playing in the leaves. Except the leaves haven’t fallen yet. And they haven’t turned colour yet. So not to be deterred by this lack of help from mother nature, they faked it. With plastic painted leaves!

Are the “leaves” the typical colour that Scottish leaves will turn you might ask? If they aren’t can we sue for being misled? Does anyone care that they are using fake leaves given that we have already had a beauty spot in Dorset being passed of as a beach in the Gulf? Am I being a pernickety old so-and-so for thinking that advertising should truly represent the product? And why couldn’t they shoot the advert last Autumn when they would have had the real colours of Scottish leaves and saved the cost of having to buy plastic ones.

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