National Trust for Scotland: What’s Going On?

By | Category: Travel rumblings

Membership of the National Trust for Scotland has reached an all time high of 315,000, me included. Their report says that members contributed £10 million and they received another £4 million in charitable donations. Yet still they have cut 26 full time jobs, 46 seasonal ones whilst 4 sites would close. Now the Chairman is standing down after criticism from members about the cost cutting She claims she always planned to do so and had announced this fact earlier. Odd then that the hunt for a successor began shortly after her resignation rather than at the time of her previous announcement – whenever that was.

Members can wonder how with such a boost to membership and income, the NTS seems to has so much difficulty in providing an acceptable service to its members and to Scotland’s heritage. Yes, costs have risen in some cases by more than inflation. Yes, there is always more that can be done. Yes, it relies heavily on volunteers to keep costs down but somewhere, somehow, there seems to be the need for a review of how the organisation is being run.

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