Airport Landing Fees

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Both Ryanair and easyjet have complained about the landing fees being charged by certain airports. According to easyjet, Luton Airport’s fees have risen by over 25% over the last few years and that it is why it has cut the number of flights operating from there. The same applies to the cutbacks by Ryanair at Manchester, Dublin and Stansted airports.

At a time when airlines are having difficulty filling seats and losing money due to fuel prices and the inability to charge higher prices, airport landing charges are a sore point. Shouldn’t airports cut prices or at least, not raise prices and take some of the strain? too many have increased prices thinking they a market that will continue to use them come what may. these two airlines at least have thumbed their noses at particular airports.

Take note then of Kansai international Airport at Osaka in Japan. They have cut landing fees by 80% if airlines use either larger planes or increase the number of flights. The incentive lasts until March 2011 when most economists think we will be comfortably out of the recession. The airport wins, the airlines win as does the passenger since prices won’t go up.

It’s time airports in our part of the world considered something similar.

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