Gurning and Crab Apples

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742 years ago, the local lord of the manor drove a cart through Egremont in Cumbria. It was laden with crab apples and he offered them to the poor. Was this an insult or a gift? Unless you make crab apple jelly with them they are pretty sour as I can testify from the tree that hangs over my garden from the neighbouring churchyard.

It has been suggested that the looks on the faces of people as they bit into them started the traditional of gurning; that odd and eccentric habit of making peculiar faces which look like a cross between stepping into something you’d rather not and eating something you’d rather not.
Anyway, this Saturday sees the world gurning championships in Egremont, an event which will be carried by television stations throughout the world as they all seem amused, confused and bewildered by this strange event. As some of you will be aware, you have to push your head through a horse collar or any gurning attempts are not acceptable as a championship entry. Apart from that any face you pull gets an entry.

The championships don’t start until 6pm so you have time to have a pleasant walk around this part of the lake district before it starts.

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