Humans Get Bigger, Plane Space Gets Smaller

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Being small, I don’t really have problems with seats in planes. With short legs nearly every plane is reasonably comfortable for me but then, I am not like most people.

Over the last fifty years or so people have grown. Not just in height but by girth as well. But in most cases, airline seats haven’t. Airlines make commercial decisions about how many seats to have in a plane and then some charge for extra legroom. Airlines advertise their seat pitch in business class stressing how much room they have compared to rivals. But in economy, where most of us travel, space is getting tighter and tighter. Some no-frills airlines and charter ones too would probably like to have TARDIS designed cabins where they can fit more inside than would appear to be the case from the outside. But as peoples’ arms, legs and bodies overlay into the next seat all some airlines can suggest is that we buy two seats.

British Airways has just announced that they will have wider seats, but this is no more than they had up until a year or so ago when they reduced the width. But this only applies to their equivalent of business class. Economy class stays the same, and luckily in BA, there is more room than in some others.

But just as DVT caused airlines to worry about being sued by people who claimed to have contracted this on planes, the next scare could be people having insufficient room for comfort and the effect that it might have on stiffening joints.

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