More Airline Charges

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Wallow in nostalgia for a moment.

Do you remember when flying was fun and an adventure?

No, neither do I. It has always been a chore. Just as one thing improves flying, online check-in for example, something comes up to make it more difficult.

It used to be that you could take up to 2 cases per person plus carry on luggage. That used to be enough for most people who were put off by expensive charges for overweight luggage. Then came the no-frills airlines who charged for cases put into the hold. Airlines in the US followed by charging on domestic routes. Then came charging on second bags checked in when you flew on some North American airlines across the Atlantic. Now, British Airways and Virgin Atlantic have both announced plans to charge for second bags as from next month. And some of the prices aren’t cheap. American Airlines will charge $50 per extra bag if you fly in economy class as does Continental Airlines. Business and first class passengers will face no prices. British Airways will charge £35. Virgin Atlantic were going to charge £90 for long haul routes but is backtracking. US Airways and Delta charge as do United.

We know airlines are losing money and are trying every opportunity to make some. Is this the way to go about doing it?
I for one, agree. If you can’t live out of one bag, maybe you are taking too much. Personally I don’t travel with hold baggage. If I can’t carry it on board, I’m not taking it. I realise that’s unfair on people taking surfboards or skiing equipment and it seems right they should pay.

So in the long run, this attempt to raise money may fail and people will just pack better.

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