What is a shortbreak?

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I ask the question because Visa has announced the result of a small survey (1000 people). A third of those questioned said they preferred shortbreaks rather than the traditional one or two-week breaks. An astonishing 83% claim that they will take between 1 and 5 shortbreaks this year.

Generally you pay more per day for shorter trips rather than longer ones because you get economies of scale. Which means that those 83% are seemingly prepared to pay more money than they might otherwise spend on a one or two week trip.
From this, Visa concludes we have become a nation of spontaneous mini-breakers.

I’m not convinced by this. Could a short break be a day trip? Could it be a trip into a nearby town or city? Could a shortbreak be staying with relatives? Or do people feel so unsure of their jobs that they don’t want to be away from their work for very long? Will this alter when unemployment starts declining or is there a fundamental change here?
Or should we follow the advice of the political pundits and say, don’t read too much into one survey.

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