Gravy Wrestling in Rossendale

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This weekend is the weekend for a number of festivals. Edinburgh finishes, Reading starts today as does Notting Hill. But there is another that transcends all these.

I am talking of the Pennine Lancashire Festival of Food & Culture which takes place in Rossendale this weekend. ( In particular I am talking of an event taking place tomorrow on bank holiday Monday. The World Gravy Wrestling Championships.
We have had umpteen literary and music festivals over the summer. But go and enjoy one of the traditional enjoyments of the bank holiday. Dating from as far ago as 2007this championship has set its face on the map of must-do things.
The rest of the festival, the food, the drink, the culture is incidental. It is Monday that the event is geared up for. The gravy will have been brewing for a while although cold gravy has a limited appeal but I suppose they can’t wrestle in hot gravy. It raises lots of questions. Will the gravy be eco-friendly and recycled afterwards? Or is old gravy used as this event recycles it? What is the optimum thickness for gravy in order to make the wrestling more interesting? Does colour play a part? Is there a secret ingredient using some traditional Lancashire delicacy. Will the next thing be wresting in other delicacies like mushy peas or Eccles cake hurling championships where the sticky buns have to glue themselves to rival teams and the winner is the team that gets more of their buns to stick.
Gravy wrestling makes a welcome change from thoughtful pursuits.
Just laugh and enjoy and that’s not a bad recipe for a good bank holiday outing

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