Charity in the Air

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Estimates vary on the number of people who are flying on a bank holiday break this weekend in addition to all the other flyers but it will be over 2 million. During the summer period maybe 15 million will have gone abroad.

And if you fly, at some stage, the cabin crew will make reference to the charity envelope in the seat pocket. Put your unused foreign currency and loose change to a worthy cause they will say. Just about every airline and tour operating airline is involved in this sort of activity and on some of the customer satisfaction surveys you are asked to complete, they ask you about the charities you are interested in.


Because it helps them to decide which charity to support. After all, if you, their customer, have little interest in the charity they support, little is raised. But how much is raised. Is it useful or just companies claiming a social conscience?
In July alone, Tui (Thomson Holidays and First Choice raised £70,000 just from collections on board the aircraft. In six months, which includes the quieter Spring times over £200,000 was raised. The money is split between charities such as the Born Free Foundation and the Family Holiday Association. Britsih Airways and other airlines in the oneworld alliance have raised millions for UNESCO in the same way.

So when you are next asked for your charity preferences and to donate, please do so. Now at least you know the sort of money that can be raised from just loose change after your travel.

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