Been Anywhere this Sprummer?

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We are used to the idea of four seasons and in the summer, summer holidays. But why 4? Why not more?

Dr Tim Entwisle who is director of the Botanic Gardens in Sydney, Australia suggests more seasons arguing that the idea of 4 seasons doesn’t fit in with how the climate in Australia is. He suggests a two month spring, a four month summer, autumn and winter should each be of two months ,an early spring of two months which could be called Sprinter and two months between spring and summer for which a horrible name (his words) has been suggested called Sprummer. But in parts of Australia only two seasons might be needed; local regional seasons might be the way forward.

In this interview he gave on the ABC, ( lots of comment has followed from wondering what Vivaldi would have thought (obviously he would have to write more music for the other new seasons) to how this might affect the seasonal sales in fashion shops.

What a great idea.

In our countries we could have school holiday season (the expensive holidays time); the rainy season (a difficult one to define. Is it 12 months or merely 11?) Summer (1 day or 2?), Silly season, (probably overlaps with winter) the Village Fete Season (May/June?), Holiday season (another difficult one probably comes from the feeling that says I’ve had enough; lets go anywhere but here and linked to the rainy season.) And of course there is the TV viewing season which occurs when there is anything worth watching so it lasts just a day or two and includes , at least in Australia, ABC interviews about changing seasons.

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