Bringing the Stobart Touch to Airports

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Truck drivers were a fairly easily described group. T-shirt wearing with copies of the Sun in the front of their dashboards who are casually dressed in clothes, stubble and manner. Then along came Eddie Stobart drivers and their green trucks. They wore ties, dressed smartly and all the trucks were named after girls’ names. They got a reputation for good courteous driving and an Eddie Stobart driver was seen as a cut above the rest. But the company own more than trucks.
Now they own airports;- Southend and Carlisle.

Not the biggest in the world I grant you and Carlisle requires work on it to get it to commercial passenger standard but is this the start of something.

The main interest of the Stobart Group (the proper name of the company) is to move freight and passenger development may be an additional little earner for them but they do plan to develop these airports for both uses. Often, the bigger an airport gets the more impersonal it becomes; the more difficult it is to keep customer satisfaction high and the more difficult it becomes to run it easily. Small airports usually are easier to stamp a new way of doing things on.

So as Carlisle and Southend receive the Stobart touch will we see the same stamp of courteous and efficiently run service that the trucks have? And will they retain that human touch that so many airports lack?

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