Tipping: The How and Why

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Should you tip? When do you tip? Is it extortion under another name? Guide books offer tedious pages about it.
I offer no solution to help you at all. Sometimes I have tipped, sometimes I have refused and had the odd surly look. Sometimes I have insulted people by leaving a solitary penny because I was so annoyed and I thought that would annoy them as well.

Now in restaurants, some add an automatic 10-15% to the bill which you have to remove if you don’t like it. And some still leave space for you to add a tip just as all credit card machines leave space on the display for you to add it before you put your pin in it. On cruises it is often included in the bill at a set rate (sometimes objectionably high rate) and you are stuck with it.

Is it getting out of hand? Why should you feel guilty if you don’t tip?

I offer you a thought on it from Nigel Richardson who wrote this a little while ago in the Daily Telegraph.

For myself, I am sufficiently of a mind to tip when I like, refuse when I will and tip stingily when I want to make a point. After all no-one tips me when I offer advice or provide a service so why should I do likewise when people are being paid? I am paid to do a job; just as they are. And I know the arguments that service jobs are underpaid and use tips to get a living wage. But that doesn’t make it right

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