Kids Pester for Disneyworld

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Another survey, another dodgy conclusion.

This one comes from Teletext Holidays, via the travel trade magazine Travel weekly.

This says that when they asked 2000 children aged between 5 and 15 just under a quarter said that Disneyworld was their preferred destination. The next choice was Spain which was way behind with 8%.

What a surprise!

What will many of these kids know of Croatia or Crete, the Lake District or Looe? Probably they known the most about what they have picked up from TV, the cinema or friends. So probably their wishes are aspirational. Nothing wrong with that but still, probably based on little knowledge. But the other bit of the research showed that 17% said their parents let them help decide where to go on holiday, 61% said they sometimes do and nearly 22% said they had no role in choosing a holiday. So some parts of the press said that this showed nearly 80% of these kids had some or a lot of power in choosing and this meant that pester power was alive and well. Promote to kids, some were saying. Kids will decide they said.

What bunkum.

It shows that 83% had little or no role in choosing. And who is to say that when the parents consulted the kids they didn’t just give them whittled down choices;- Barnsley or Bournemouth. Tonypandy or Tenerife? Or even given them a choice after the parents had selected a few places, all equally acceptable, and couldn’t decide for themselves which it should be.

Given those choices, what do you expect kids to say.

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