Are You a Toxic Traveller?

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We know there are all sorts of traveller. There are those who plan ahead and those who act impulsively; those that like lazy sun filled days and those who must forever active. Now an American business guru, Robert Bylett, who operates a business advisory company called Happy Business, has given advice to companies who have what he calls toxic customers.

A toxic customer is one that the companies don’t really want but have to decide how to get rid of them. These are people who argue for the best deals leaving the company with little profit margin. These are people who go into travel agents, ask a lot of questions, have complicated itineraries to work out, claim to have found it cheaper on the internet and then want it cheaper via the travel agent. These are also people who lower the morale of the travel agency, tour operator, airline or whatever by being demanding.

He suggests two ways to get rid of these people. Refuse to come down on price so they walk away and decline politely to assist them.

A week or so earlier, the big consultancy firm Accenture published a report about the changing nature of the traveller and said industry had better understand them or lose out on business.

You and I are probably the changing traveller and whether we are considered toxic or not, the industry needs to change to be able to understand and win our business. We want value, service and courtesy. We don’t want disinterested staff, attempted over-pricing and sloppy service. And there is always someone else who will provide this.

So Mr Bylett, the question is not how to get rid of toxic customers but how to turn toxic customers into satisfied ones

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