Durdle Door is in the Middle East

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Images are used to sell all sorts of things. Celebrities are used to promote items that you seriously wonder if they have ever tried. You can see a castle promoting California but at least that castle (the Hearst old home) is genuinely to be found there.
Not so with the case of Durdle Door. You may have thought that it was in Lulworth in Dorset. But, according to the Daily Telegraph, a certain Cove Rotana Resort in Ras al Khaimah has used a picture of it to extol the tourism virtues of its location. Now Ras al Khaimaj is one of the seven emirates that makes up the UAE. Next year the America’s Cup is being held there. It has long sandy beaches so why pick Durdle Door which has shingle? It obviously doesn’t have a stunning sight so it has transplanted it;- at least by photograph.

In the 1920’s and 1930’s posters of one setting, I have a flapper sitting on the beach smiling under a parasol, were used for more than one destination. Mine advertises both Ireland and Cape Cod in the US so what the Cove Rotana Resort has done is not new. But mine is a generic drawing not a photograph.
Or has some sharp local flogged Durdle Door to the resort and the new buyers haven’t had chance to move it yet. Look how many time Tower Bridge and the Eiffel Tower has been sold to unsuspecting tourists. Is this the latest version?

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