What’s In Your Hold Luggage?

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If I am forced to carry hold luggage (which I prefer never to do unless my wife is with me and even she is getting better at just having carry on luggage) its because I am carrying presents for people at Christmas or paperwork. But not everything carried is so mundane.

Travel Daily News reports that, at Frankfurt Airport, they have confiscated 63 chainsaws just in the last month from passengers’ hold luggage. What they don’t say is whether this comes from one persons luggage or whether 63 different people have been travelling each with one in their bags. Why carry one in the first place? I would imagine that you can buy them pretty much anywhere. Well maybe not in the desert. Or the north pole. But in most places. Could these 63 all be off to a lumberjack convention? How many go through Heathrow? Or anywhere else for that matter?

The line I liked from the article read, “In addition to lighters, chainsaws are considered dangerous.”
Really stating the obvious there it seems.

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