Twitter’s Meaningless Twaddle

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Let me clear. I’m not a Twitter fan. I can’t see the value of telling people a couple of times a day that I am flossing my teeth in a lift or planning to visit an orphanage in deepest Mongolia. It seems to me that there are better things to do in life. Like living it.

So it doesn’t surprise me that Twitter has released the results of a survey showing where twits are holidaying. In conjunction with Vodafone they have indicated that New York is the top choice followed by Vancouver, Paris, London, St Ives, Barcelona and Seoul.

It reveals what I’ve suspected. Twits are about as different from the average person as it is possible to be. Spain will be the top destination, France and the UK will be close behind for the rest of us. With all due respect to New York and Vancouver, both of which have more than enough attractions for the tourist, neither will be in the top group. And as for Seoul. Not in a month of Sundays.

A couple of people in the travel trade have looked at the results and there is a suspicion that the results are based on fewer than 100 people in some cases. Some suggest that if more than one person said they were going somewhere you’d appear on the list.

But I think the survey is valuable.
Remember where the top places are.
And go somewhere else to avoid these people.

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