Brazil Attracts the Brits

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Brazil isn’t one of the countries that you might quickly think of if you were asked to name tourist destinations for the British. But it is becoming more popular and, last year, 181,000 people holidayed there from the UK. Now that may not be many in the grand scheme of things but according to the Brazilian Tourist Board that was about a increase of five times over the average rate of increase. So you can expect that over the winter the tourist board will be working hard to persuade both the travel trade and us holidaymakers to consider Brazil for next year. Oddly enough, given how much we know about Brazil, well all right how much we know about their footballing skills, Brazil has only had a tourist office in the UK since 2000
The main attraction is still the Rio de Janeiro carnival which takes place in February each year. It isn’t cheap to get there or stay during carnival time and even tickets for the samba procession will set you back over £50 for the cheapest. But it is one of the best carnivals in the world and has been the backdrop for many a film.

But Rio has more than the carnival. It does have Copacabana Beach, another strong attraction. And they have sunshine.
They also have the Amazon and, increasingly, eco-tourism visitors are coming to explore the interior and the Iguassu Falls which are on the Brazilian/Argentine border and approachable from both countries.

If you are considering going then you’ll find it a lot cheaper outside the first few months of the year if Rio is your destination. But bear in mind that Brazil is a huge country, bigger than the whole of Europe and if you are planning a twin resort holiday, the plane is the main way to travel.

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