Going Overseas For A Summer Break?

By | Category: Travel rumblings

If you are then you better have booked it already.

The grotty weather of the last fortnight or so has caused people to say hang it; lets go abroad rather than holiday in the UK. So it seems that both domestic and UK tourism will be pretty good for the trade this year. Those who had already booked a domestic holiday will have put down deposits so can’t or won’t want to change so that’s the reason why domestic holiday providers will be happy.

For us holidaymakers, it probably means that any thing booked from here on is going to be at pricey rates. It looks as though the bargains are gone for the time being; at least until after the school kids gave gone back. Apart from very last minute breaks which mean virtually that day or the next to take advantage of the prices. Or to places you might not normally consider. Usually there are some bargains after about September 15th which last until about half term in October.
So for those of us who have done nothing, it will be weather reliant. A day here, a weekend there if the weather looks good. But what about the quality of weather forecasting you might ask. Given their talk of a barbecue summer?

So what’s a bit of rain. You still need a break. Think of it just as a soft Irish mist!

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