Having a Day Out

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August can be a slack month for companies who provide travel and accommodation to businessmen so often there are deals, particularly by hotels, to offer discounts like 2 nights for the price of one.

The weekends are the busy time as families try to think up new places to take the kids for a day out. So it comes as a bit of a surprise to find that some companies provide good offers at these times as well. Take South West Trains for example. For a tenner you can go anywhere for a day return on their network at the weekend during August. Apart from the bank holiday weekend. Nonetheless that still leaves you with three weekends to try and see how far you can get in a single day. Although they are a big commuter train service they can get you to the beaches on the south coast or the New Forest. Or for a day in places like Winchester, Bournemouth, Salisbury or Hayling Island. Kids go for just a fiver. Now I can’t believe that only South West is making offers like this so check to see what your local train company is offering. You might have to look hard. At two stations I went through this morning there was no information available for people to pick up.

It does make you wonder though why train services have to discount in what should be a busy time. Are that many people going abroad after our foul weather of recent week? Well at least this weekend the weather looks to be good for most of us

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