Customer Satisfaction and No Frills Airlines

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People are satisfied with the airlines for a whole number of reasons; reliability, punctuality, easy check-ins, cabin crew service, the quality of how passengers are made to feel and a host of other things. Marrying no frills airlines to high customer satisfaction isn’t easy but some airlines, not many, achieve it. After all, the premise of a no frills airline is that if the fare is cheap enough, passengers come to the airline and nothing else matters.

Well one no frills airline, probably one you haven’t heard of, seems to be working hard to marry the two ideas together. Tiger Airlines is an Australian airline that claims to offer the lowest fares there. But it has another claim as well. It wants to put passengers first in the belief by doing that it can grow its business.

It has set up a new customer services team, it surveys and listens to its passengers and it claims that complaints have dropped by 75%.

With so many no frills airlines around trying to justify why you should travel on one rather than others will come down to the offer they make you, the passenger. What will tempt you to fly on one rather than others when all fly the same route, charge roughly the same and have similar schedules? The answer, I suggest, is the quality of service that they offer you and how they treat you. And on that basis some existing no frills airlines will fail, some will adjust and some will concentrate on that.
It will be interesting to see which ones are around in 10 years time. It seems that Tiger Airlines may be one.

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