Bugs in Hotel Rooms

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Trivago is a hotel comparison website. They operate throughout Europe and recently asked people using their site about people’s worst hotel experience. The biggest complaint amongst those responding to their British website was finding bugs in their room. They don’t say what sort of bugs or their size but obviously we’d rather have bugs outside rather than in. And it was also the highest rated problem in the website answers from the Netherlands, Spain, Germany, France and Italy.

I must have been lucky so far. Apart from cockroaches in a rather famous New York hotel, I think I have avoided the issue although there was one hotel in Malta where I wasn’t sure whether I’d been bitten in the room or outside by the pool.

So is the cleanliness of hotel rooms declining or have there always been bugs and we haven’t either reported them or been asked about them before. And that’s a bit of problem . Survey people ask questions they want answered not necessarily what we want to say. If you don’t write on the survey in that bit about any other comments, hoteliers, cruiselines, airlines or whatever don’t know that a problem necessarily exists.
All those surveys you see are looked at. And generally acted upon provided that the answers aren’t daft ones. So in future, tell them if an item isn’t asked about in the general questions.
You might also like to know that according to Trivago, us Britons have the most complaints of all the other nations polled.
So save them up for me when we launch the 5th annual Customer Care Survey in September. You’ll see what we find out a few weeks after that.

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