The 5 Top Holiday Spots in Australia.

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A newsletter I get called Hotel & Resort Insider has issue its list of top 5 holiday spots in Australia. I can quite believe that it is a hard job because, let’s face it, Australia has a heck of a lot going for it. Even if it does take 24 hours plus to get there. But their top pick, and the list isn’t in alphabetical order so I assume its number 1, is Canberra. Now I forget who said that the best way to see Canberra is from the back of a departing train but I agree with the sentiments. It has changed a lot over the last forty years since I saw it for the first time but there are a lot better places to visit. Maybe it might make my top 100 but number 1? At 5pm when the government offices close, the place becomes a ghost town in parts. It’s full of politicians and civil servants and who wants to mix with them in the evening? Compare that to parts of Sydney or Melbourne. The Blue Mountains and the tropical rainforests don’t get a mention. Nor does the Great Barrier Reef. The Great Barrier Reef is one of the wonders of the world and they have completely overlooked it. This seventh wonder of the world (according to CNN) draws over 2 million tourists a year and generates about $A6 billion for the local economy. So maybe the Australian Tourism Commission won’t read this piece in HRI. And thankfully, tourists won’t. They’ll still head for the best place in Oz, Sydney Harbour.

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