Pre-Book Sun Lounges

By | Category: Travel rumblings

Given the weather that we are having this week (and last come to think of it) you may not be thinking of lounging in the sun but Thomas Cook is.
Their German company has decided, as you may have seen, to allow German bookers to prebook for €3 a day, sun lounges if they do it when they book their holiday. So far the offer is only available for 9 hotels in Turkey, Egypt and the Canaries so don’t necessarily feel that you may lose out when you head for the beach. But it will be rolled out to other destinations.
Over the years, there have been more jokes about the Germans nicking the sun lounges by placing their towels on them at the crack of dawn than I have had hot dinners. What will this do for their image? And it’s not only us Brits that moan about it. Scandinavians, Irish, French, Swiss have all had vented their ire in pubs and bars that I have been in over the years. Why, if Thomas Cook operates in just about every other European country, do they not make it available outside Germany as well. Yet they announced laeter that there are no places to make this available to British tourists. This sort of idea isn’t going to anything to do away with that stereotypic view we have of Germans at the beach.
Is this a gaffe or merely a case of Thomas Cook Germany not telling all their associated companies what they were doing?

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