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This is National Parks Week. Not only that but it is 60 years since the first one was opened. Unfortunately the weather hasn’t been kind to them this week. I was going to write about this yesterday but it was raining so I thought, wait a day, things might improve. It hasn’t. It’s raining again this morning. And to be fair, even though the scenery is wonderful, it does help if you’re not squelching through puddles.
In 1951, the first national park came about, the Peak District, some two years after the legislation was passed. Now visited by 22 million people per year, its tourism appeal is bigger than lots of countries..
But the idea of a national park to be enjoyed by everyone is quite new. Although we all know the schoolboy stories of William II being shot by an arrow in the New Forest in 1100, then the forest was the king’s own hunting reserve. And it was only 4 years ago that it became our 14th national park. The Lake District had a guide book written about it 200 years ago but it only became a national park in 1951.
The park authorities don’t necessarily own the land within a park. A lot is privately owned but the management of what is done within each authority is controlled by that authority. And if there is a conflict between development and conservation, conservation takes priority. But that was only decided on in 1995.
So it has taken a long time in our history to enable you to enjoy some of our most stunning scenery. And largely, it costs nothing so make the most of it. Even in this weather.

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