Fewer People Travel…At Least to these Places

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In the last few days a number of countries have issued numbers on how tourism is performing. All four, Greece, Indonesia, Thailand and the United States have all shown a decline
In Greece tourism spending has dropped by nearly 18% for the first five months of the year compared to last year but in May alone it fell by nearly a quarter. Despite an increase on the tourism promotion budget of 50% over last year and the new museum at the Acropolis, there seems no upturn in sight.
Indonesia has not been hit quite so badly. Tourism is only down there 8% which seems pretty satisfactory compared to Greece. A large chunk of tourism is based on Bali, a growing destination for Britons as well as being very popular with Australians. Even a drop of 8% has prompted the Indonesian government to find another 9.4 million to spend on attracting visitors.
Thailand has been one of the worst hit in Asia. Tourism there is down 22% and they are expecting 3 million tourists less this year and they think that the swine flue scare might reduce numbers further. However Thailand has been hit by demonstrations against the government which will have caused some tourists to think twice about visiting and also the scamming at Bangkok which the government has now announced will result in extra vetting at the airport this week.
And finally the US has announced sharp drops as well. And its not just Brits who have decided to stay away. Even Canadians are in reduced numbers as are those from south of the border as well.
It is surprising then, that numbers of visitors coming to Britain is holding up.
And for those of us going abroad, there will be lots of temptations during both summer and winter to get us to visit at least these four countries. I have even seen airline prices to the US about £200 less than I expected to see for this summer.

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