Where’s That Tiger?

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About a million years ago Esso used to run advertising using a tiger and a musical background asking where the tiger was. I thought of it when the BBC ran a story saying that Panna National Park in Madhya Ptadesh in the middle of India which it called one of India’s main tiger parks, now had none.
There was an alomost underlying thought that this was a quirky story. A bit like Picadilly Circus not having any circuses.
Underlying this however is a deeper thought. A century ago there were at least 40,000 tigers roaming India. Now maybe there might be 1500. The central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh contains about a quarter of known tigers and, many years ago, wet up a number reserves to try and protect what numbers remain. Poaching is the biggest threat with some people willing to may handsomely for claws and other parts. Panna is not the only reserve to lose its tigers; Sariska in Rajasthan probably has none as well. But the state government is trying to reimport tigers back into Panna. And of course tigers roam. So it could be that they have wandered into other areas. I don’t say that with any confidence however. Poaching is the more likely answer to their disappearance.
In Panna, Sariska and areas like these there are still lots of wildlife still to see so just because the BBC says there are no tigers suggesting there is now nothing there to aee at all, that is not the case.
If you are planning on visiting India, these reserves still offer so much to see.

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