Discounts off Tourist Attractions

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In North America they seem to have got couponing down to a fine art. Over here, it almost seems in its infancy in comparison. Nonetheless, you can find discount offers to attractions on various giveaway maps and brochures from tourist offices, in tourism magazines and, sometimes, from airlines, train companies’ magazines, newspapers and general magazines.
You can understand why it is done; to attract the waverers who might be considering it and think no, it’s too expensive until they see a coupon giving 10% off or free entry for children under 12 or something.
But do you get annoyed when you see two separate adverts offer different amounts?
Staying in Edinburgh recently the hotel map gave me 10% off the price of tickets to the royal yacht Britannia in Leith. An advert in National Express magazine, “Livewire” gave me 20% off. This is just an example of one I have spotted in the last couple of weeks but there are others. Should attractions offer the same discount if they are going to give some sort of discount? Why give a greater discount to one publication than another? Once you are in a destination, does the map (which I guess is only available in that destination) mean that you are already interested in seeing something so half of the work of the attraction is done whereas on the train I could be going anywhere so the sell is harder?
Does it even matter?
Only to possible visitors who might feel they could get it cheaper.
It means as well that visitors should look at everything they see as the travel to the destination. There might be a better deal in something else you can pick up.
And by the way, Britannia was well worth seeing.

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