Making Money out of Ryanair

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Someone spotted that Ryanair charged the same price in euros as it did in pounds. This idea comes courtesy of which was picked up by the online trade magazine, Travolution.
Because Ryanair say that a euro equals a pound, they were making an extra 16% clear profit over and above their usual profit if you pay in pounds. The suggestion is that whatever you buy, you pay with a large denomination note in euros and request the change in pounds. The example is that if you pay for a €3 coffee and pay with €50 It is based on the fact that, at present, Ryanair charges the same in euros as it does in pounds so note, the change will be £47. This equates to €54 so you will have your coffee for nothing and be €4 to the better. spotted this and Conrad, their representative, tried this out on a flight and it worked. Unfortunately for the rest of us it looks as though Ryanair spotted it as well and new brochures were printed which showed a difference. It was €3 for a coffee but only £2.70. But that is still only 11% difference.. If they will give you change back in euros it will still mean you should be about €5 better off.
See if it works if you’re travelling in the next few days and let us know.
It would be nice to get some cash back from them for a change instead of donating as much as we do.

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