Kids and Parents are the Same

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Why do you go on holiday?
To relax, see new places, unwind, do something you’ve not done before, shop, ski, cross the Amazon by frog as Michael Palin did in Ripping Yarns twenty years ago.
Well according to research from the holiday side of Jet2, a third of over 45’s bond with their adult children! Does this mean their kids are still sponging off them? Or is this a fancy way of saying that they are just having an old fashioned family holiday? Jet 2 says that more over 18’s are holidaying with their parents. Now that could be due to the recession because usually that is the last thing eighteen year olds want to.
And if youth is supposed to do things differently from their parents; to go to to different places, do different things and enjoy types of holiday their parents wouldn’t there is a shock for both sides; the top three popular destinations, Spain, Greece and the Canaries are the choice of both the parents and the youth. Not only that but the survey shows they like the same top things;- exploring and, chilling out (my parents never did that, but they also wouldn’t know what that meant),
So it seems the children and the parents are pretty similar after all.

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