Working on Holiday

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Following on from the research yesterday about those over 49, there is another bit of research that has got my goat. (Poor beast; really suffering this week). has questioned 2167 travellers and found they are difficulty in switching off from work when they are on holiday. All due to the economic crisis. I can believe that some people who are pretty wrapt up in their jobs will check on things whilst they are away. A third of them will regularly log in to their offices to find out what’s going on.
Now doesn’t that tell you something about the research? Who have they interviewed? Just senior executives who take their laptops with them wherever they go? The average holidaymaker does not take his/her laptop with them or hang around internet cafes. the average holidaymaker does not book his/her accommodation separately from the rest of their holiday.
So what we have here is research on upmarket independently planned holiday takers who are internet users. That explains why they take their laptops with them. And it probably suggests that they feel insecure; after all they must believe that without them, their company will collapse. Otherwise how can they justify not taking a break?
The rest of us enjoy our holidays, relaxing so that when we return we are refreshed and ready for work, not exhausted by burning the candle at both ends working and playing.

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