Silver Travellers?

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We have some new German research that says in another 10 years time, haif of all tourists from Germny will be over 50. And, you’re not going to believe this bit either, but this same research says that people over 50 spend more money on holidays than those under 50.
Of course we do, we have managed to get the kids off our hands, the house is nearly paid for and we haven’t moved for a while and there may even have beeen the odd relative who has popped off and left us a legacy.
This is research?.
Why do you think Saga Holidays has been growing for years? I’m just surprised there hasn’t been a increase in the number of specialist holiday companies. Apart from cruiselines that is.
The thing thast also gets my goat is the fancy names “they”(whoever they are) call us. Silver Travellers, Best Agers, Graceful Tourists (sounds like a cemetry lawn), Young at Heart, Aging Youth. Youth 2. Can’t we just be people? Fairly normal ones who just happen to be over 49. With money and who have grown tired of being treated like trainee geriatric coffin chasers.
And I’m not silver haired but bald

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