Let’s Count Moles

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For years we have been warned of the dangers of going out in the sun. All those ultra violent rays will play their harsh tricks on us and we will suffer for it. Well now things might not be as bad as they had appeared. The scientific sounding, Nature Genetics, as reported in the Sunday Times says that the number of moles you have is the most important contributing factor as to whether you will get melanoma.
The key figure seems to be 100 moles.
Will anyone heed this new information? Who is going to count them? How do see those on your back? How do you know you’ve counted them all? Is there a difference between 99 and 100 apart from one number? Can the scientists be trusted? Are these the same scientists who said going out in the sun would be asking for trouble?
It seems now that getting a melanoma could be due to the genes you have.
Like everything else at the moment.
I’m confused
One day there is one study and the next a study says something different. But because they are scientists, they must be learned people and should be trusted.
Fall back on common sense. Sunshine makes you feel happier. But too much of anything even raspberries (a personal favourite) could be bad for you.
Just like too many scientific findings

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