Newport: Cruise Capital of ??

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Into Newport on South Wales on Monday came the Prinsendam, an 800 passenger cruiseship, the first one ever to dock there. It stopped as part of its tour around the UK and many locals are wondering why. The ship was only in Newport for a day but it seems as though none stayed in Newport. They joined coaches to be taken elsewhere and that has caused lots of humour.
The local newspaper is the South Wales Argus and over 43 comments were added to its story. Not many extolled the tourism virtues of Newport and, indeed, if you click on the Newport tourism website, you see a long list under tourist information. Click on tourist attractions and the link doesn’t work. Or maybe there are no tourist attractions and that was why the passengers were bussed elsewhere.
But back to the comments which are much more fun. One said that it was the biggest laugh of the year, they came, they docked and immediately were bussed elsewhere. One person claiming to work in the South Dock claims the passengers were told that it was really Cardiff East. Another said it’s hard to be positive about a pile of rubble, a load of graffitti, streets full of drunks and empty shops.
Is this fair to Newport? Is it just full of moaners as someone suggested? And if they are all moaners what does this say to potential visitors?
It has Carleon just outside it and inside, the transporter bridge and the Newport ship, that unique fifteenth century wonder that will one day will be properly exhibited.
All right maybe it doesn’t have a lot going for it but does it make the most of what it has?

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