Things Tourists Should Do in London!!

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Rollonfriday is a law gossip website passing titbits on about what is happening in law practices around Britain. So I was not expecting to find them running a column on tips for tourists visiting our countries and, in particular, London.
About 30 years ago, the “New Statesman” had a competition about the same thing and some seem to have been revamped such as the customary practice on entering a tube train to shake the hand of every passenger in your carriage.
The contributors to rollonfriday have added such gems as taking your ghetto-blaster (are these still around?) to the British Library reading room and London taxi drivers are happy to be paid in euros or dollars as well as pounds (try a Scottish tenner and see what happens with some of them. I’m not sure about tourists travelling free on the tube and all you need to do is leapfrog the turnstiles and there are others that I’ll not mention here.
It suggests swimming in the Thames on one of the south bank beaches is a great treat and the best position to see a cricket match is standing in front of the white boards you find there.
For all of them see

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