Michael MacIntyre and Trip Advisor

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Last night on BBC’s Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow, the man himself was in Brighton, a seaside resort of course, and part of his introductory act consisted of talking about holidays.
His thoughts on TripAdvisor (but it could have been any travel comparison website) were funny (as you’d expect from the author of Britain’s highest selling stand-up DVD and someone who had hosted the Travel Weekly Globe Awards) but thoughtful.
What sort of person is it, he asked, who comes straight back from holiday and gets on the computer to tell everyone. What sort of life does this person have? Do other people before they book read all the reviews about the 50 hotels in the place they’re going to? How much time does that take? A person might write that the hotel was all right but the croissants were a bit tough and the bathroom door hinges need oiling? Does that stop someone considering it? Every hotel in the world, McIntyre said, must have at least one bad review. But equally every hotel seems to have a good one. How can you tell the hotel inspired ones from the genuine ones? How many hotels had had people write positive reviews? How many hotels have created or cause to be created reviews that are complaints against their rivals?
We know all of this happens. What we don’t know is the extent. As written here before the greater the number of reviews, the greater chance of independent views.
Now just as Ryanair has become staple comedian fodder so has the travel comparison website.

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