The Burger, the Fruit and the Veg

By | Category: Travel rumblings

I travelled on Le Shuttle at the weekend to collect my daughter, her newly acquired belongings from France and to have a weekend break.. As usual it was trouble free, fast, efficient and pretty mundane. Apart from one thing. An advertising poster.
This one was in English inviting me to buy a burger and chips (or French fries if you must). Right at the bottom in black and written only in French was a note saying that we should eat five portions of fruit and vegetables each day. It wasn’t translated into English just as the message about buying a burger wasn’t in French.
Now this is blatant discrimination.
It was obvious that the writer felt the French would eat responsibly caring for their health and eat the “correct” amount of fruit and veg as recommended by some health God somewhere. And it was just as obvious that they felt the British would only eat fast food and hang any healthy options.
How stereotypic I thought and how untrue as I tucked into my healthy breakfast of a pecan Danish and chocolate muffin washed down by some fruit flavoured water.

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