Oxford: The New International Airport

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This coming Saturday, Oxford Airport has its first commercial service for 20 years. This coming Saturday an Air Southwest will make the first of two months’ weekly flights to Jersey from the airport. The flight is full as are most of the flights during July.
Given the outcry over the expansion of many airports, how has Oxford become, almost without being noticed by the rest of the countries, a commercial airport? And why does it look as though it will be successful? After all Birmingham is just up the M40 and its only an hour down it to Heathrow so why another commercial passenger airport? Can it be down just to a clever strategy by the airport?
For countries our size we have a lot of airports. But being islands we can only really fly or sail to leave them (I excuse the Channel tunnel since this is viable if you live with a reasonable distance but pricey if you are outside the south east.) But bigger airports are time consuming to get through. Getting there can be a chore. Smaller airports, local airports appeal because you don’t spend a chunk of your holiday getting there and getting through them.
Maybe that’s why Oxford might work. We are only talking about one 70 seater aircraft in each direction on a Saturday. But people like a local touch so the number of flights might grow quite quickly if it is seen to be convenient and provides a quick, generally uncluttered way to get through it. Until these same locals decide it is has got too big and too intrusive.
Getting the mix will not be easy for Oxford Airport.

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