Have a Smelly Holiday

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You remember the Virgin Holidays survey I mentioned a day or so ago? Apart from discussing these depressives it provided another odd result. Three quarters of those that responded (Virgin asked 4500 people and we don’t know how many responded) said they found it easy to recall holidays by seeking out smells.
And surprise, surprise, Virgin Holidays will flog you a bottle of the smell to help you recapture those memories. They are only available on their website for a short time. Sounds like a bit of a PR stunt to me.
Now as some of you might recall, my last break was a few days in Scotland, one of which was spent in a hotel that, according to one guest, had a problem with the drains.
Do I really want Eau de Drain to remind me of a hotel that was perfectly adequate in every other respect? (and I didn’t smell it anyway) Do I want to be reminded of the beach by Eau de Low Tide or Eau de Suntan Lotion? Or of Eau de Hot Dog?
Apparently, Virgin will flog you Cologne de Casbah to remind you of those happy North African holidays.
The one I definitely don’t want is Eau de Aeroplane Food and Essence de Sweaty Passenger!

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