Holidays Depress Some of Us

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Yes that seems to be the case according to some research commissioned by Virgin Holidays. They say that 18% of us , almost one in five, start getting depressed even before we take the return flight home. There you are, on the last day of your holiday; the last day you can enjoy yourself by doing something you enjoyed again or doing that final shop and instead a load of us are getting too ratty and upset to enjoy it.
The last day can be bad enough as it is. With long check-in times, trying to pack all that holiday tat that seemed a good idea at the time but now just seems a waste of money and checking out leaving your luggage at the mercy of a locked room for most of the day.
And to top it all off we then sit down to enjoy ourselves by getting depressed! Still on the plus side, 82% don’t get depressed and are, presumably, enjoying the last day to the hilt.
Maybe those 18% are just those who are natural moaners, you know the sort who with glorious sunshine and not a cloud in the sky will turn around to you and say, “ah yes, but it’ll rain this afternoon.”
When I go on holiday, I am going to make sure that there are never more than three people near me and that way I’ll never meet the moaner who will put me off my last day!

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